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Nick Anthony

This Tudor bedroom is a rich, stately example of our inn’s English touch. This Tudor-style room has an en-suite bathroom, which is just one of the reasons the Nick Anthony Suite has become a favorite for those gathering for special university events, such as the University of Arizona football and basketball games. Anytime you need to visit the University of Arizona—for any reason—the Blenman Inn getaway suite is the perfect place to stay. Ideally located in downtown Tucson, we are just minutes away from the University of Arizona campus...located near Tucson’s Sun Link Streetcar, which will whisk you directly to your choice of several stops on the U of A campus. The Nick Anthony Suite can also be easily adjoined to the Sarah Page Suite as additional family room, such as a grandparent suite. Get out and explore while you stay at our getaway suite by visiting the Biosphere and enjoy a memorable experience at an indoor/outdoor science museum! Book our Nick Anthony Suite today! 

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